Transport any pet, anywhere in the world!

All international destinations (and Hawaii) have very strict rules surrounding the entry of pets. In most cases, international pet shipping preparations including veterinary treatments or obtaining permits may need to start months before departure. With adequate preparation time, quarantine in some destinations can be completely eliminated, or significantly reduced. Whether you are traveling from the USA, back to the USA or between any other countries, The Global Transport can make your move easier for you and your pets. With a huge network of expert partners throughout the USA and overseas, The Global Transport can care for your furry kids anywhere in the world.


We provide a customized International Pet Shipping experience

  • Advice and “move coordination”
  • Pickup from nearby origin
  • Travel Crate
  • Delivery to airport & airline check-in
  • Boarding & Kenneling
  • Delivery to their final destination
  • Permits
  • Customs clearance
  • Flights
  • Comfort Stopovers (if required)
  • Health Checks & Certificates
  • Veterinary advice & treatments
  • Collection from airport
  • Document compliance reviews
  • Quarantine (if required)
  • Peace of mind

Pet Relocation Embargoes

Depending on your pet's breed and its origin or destination, some airlines place embargoes on pet travel. We are up to date on all the latest restrictions, so we can advise the best timing and flight routing for your pet to travel.

Pet Air Travel Shipping Restrictions

Some airlines and/or countries will not allow pets to travel with you in-cabin or as accompanied baggage or they only accept live animal shipments from professional pet shippers. Check with your intended airline to review any specific pet shipping policies.

Optional Pet Boarding

If necessary, we can board your pet until you are ready for them to travel. We’re happy to collect your pet from home, a relative, your veterinarian, or your favorite boarding facility if you need extra time to relocate.

Our Policy on Flight Cancellations

Flight cancellations are rare, but they can happen. If your pet’s flight is canceled, we will pick them up and arrange for them to travel to you on the next possible flight. We will contact you and/or the consignee (person receiving your pet) before making new travel arrangements.

Express Logistic Transport's Policy on 

Our primary concern is always the health and safety of the pets that we transport. Tranquilizers or sedatives can be more harmful than helpful to your pet during air travel, so we will NOT ship any pet who has been sedated or tranquilized.

Tax Tip:
 Save Your Receipt

One of the perks of transporting your pet is that pet moving expenses are tax-deductible if the relocation is job-related. Please consult your accountant and refer to IRS publication #521.