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A legal courier service provider is responsible for many things, such as making sure their legal couriers maintain confidentiality, have experience, know proper packaging, maintain pick-up and delivery times, and do it all in a cost-effective manner for their clients. Their couriers expected duties also range from document retrieval to court filings to staging of records.

How they do it


When hiring your legal courier service, you should expect the courier service to have trained their legal messengers to keep confidentiality at all times. Documents should never be tampered with or viewed by a trustworthy legal messenger service. The legal delivery drivers of The Global Transport are trained and familiar with the legal and justice systems and know the importance of keeping the confidentiality of your documents. Our legal couriers will maintain your privacy from pick up to drop off.


A legal courier service is often tasked with delivering documents such as copies of divorce filings or lawsuits. In cases like these, it is important that the legal messenger has experience in the field and is equipt to handle adverse situations such as these. Therefore, all legal messengers of The Global Transport have experience ad training in dealing with adverse situations that may occur while delivering legal documents or packages.


A legal courier service will be familiar with the practices of the legal and justice systems and know the proper way to transport documents, such as utilizing tamper-proof bags and envelopes, using legal envelopes to prevent the bending or folding of legal documents, and more. As a result, our trained legal couriers safely package and transport your documents in a timely manner, giving you peace of mind.

Delivery speeds:

In the legal system, it is important for things to be delivered, documented, and filed to prevent any delays in a case. Legal courier services train their legal messengers to be familiar with their local courthouses, justice buildings, and the surrounding city. This allows the legal courier to quickly navigate the fastest route from pickup to delivery, ensuring the parcel is taken care of before it can cause any delays. At The Global Transport, our legal messengers are all natives of their cities and can deliver your parcel quickly and securely.


When it comes to cost, a legal messenger can help you save money. The cost of hiring a legal courier versus sending a staff member or hiring an internal messenger is significantly different. It is far cheaper to hire a legal messenger service than to hire someone to constantly be on standby and charge you or pull another staff member from their regular duties. To get an accurate cost of legal courier service, you will want to call them or go online. The Global Transport offers a free online quote, or you can mail our staffs at

What they do:

Court filing:

It is expected that a legal courier service has trained their legal messenger to file any and all legal documents with the clerk of courts. The legal messenger should know where all of their local clerk of courts is and be able to file a document with them within 60 minutes or less. Our team of legal couriers is familiar with local, municipal, state, and federal courts and can have your document filed and delivered as quickly as possible while maintaining your privacy.

Document Retrieval:

An essential task that every legal courier should be trained to be able to do is retrieve a document. However, document retrieval could take a great amount of time to do, having to wait for the court to find the documents in the archives. Therefore, legal couriers should know precisely where to go for document retrieval and get all the required information to do so. At The Global Transport, our legal messengers are trained to handle document retrievals as quickly and securely as possible, giving our clients piece of mind that everything will be handled promptly and properly.

Court Staging of Record:

A regular service a legal courier can be expected to provide is court staging of records. An excellent legal courier should be able to pick up documents, boxes, exhibits, etc., from anywhere, including hotels, bring them to court and set up, and return them after court. Our legal couriers are experienced with court staging of records and ensure all documents will be picked up, transported, and dropped off, all in a secure and timely manner.

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