How The Global Transport services can help you

A legal courier service provider is responsible for many things, such as making sure their legal couriers maintain confidentiality, have experience, know proper packaging, maintain pick-up and delivery times, and do it all in a cost-effective manner for their clients. Their couriers expected duties also range from document retrieval to court filings to staging of records.

How they do it


When hiring your legal courier service, you should expect the courier service to have trained their legal messengers to keep confidentiality at all times. Documents should never be tampered with or viewed by a trustworthy legal messenger service. The legal delivery drivers of The Global Transport are trained and familiar with the legal and justice systems and know the importance of keeping the confidentiality of your documents. Our legal couriers will maintain your privacy from pick up to drop off.


A legal courier service is often tasked with delivering documents such as copies of divorce filings or lawsuits. In cases like these, it is important that the legal messenger has experience in the field and is equipt to handle adverse situations such as these. Therefore, all legal messengers of The Global Transport have experience ad training in dealing with adverse situations that may occur while delivering legal documents or packages.


A legal courier service will be familiar with the practices of the legal and justice systems and know the proper way to transport documents, such as utilizing tamper-proof bags and envelopes, using legal envelopes to prevent the bending or folding of legal documents, and more. As a result, our trained legal couriers safely package and transport your documents in a timely manner, giving you peace of mind.

Delivery speeds:

In the legal system, it is important for things to be delivered, documented, and filed to prevent any delays in a case. Legal courier services train their legal messengers to be familiar with their local courthouses, justice buildings, and the surrounding city. This allows the legal courier to quickly navigate the fastest route from pickup to delivery, ensuring the parcel is taken care of before it can cause any delays. At The Global Transport, our legal messengers are all natives of their cities and can deliver your parcel quickly and securely.


When it comes to cost, a legal messenger can help you save money. The cost of hiring a legal courier versus sending a staff member or hiring an internal messenger is significantly different. It is far cheaper to hire a legal messenger service than to hire someone to constantly be on standby and charge you or pull another staff member from their regular duties. To get an accurate cost of legal courier service, you will want to call them or go online. The Global Transport offers a free online quote, or you can mail our staffs at

What they do:

Court filing:

It is expected that a legal courier service has trained their legal messenger to file any and all legal documents with the clerk of courts. The legal messenger should know where all of their local clerk of courts is and be able to file a document with them within 60 minutes or less. Our team of legal couriers is familiar with local, municipal, state, and federal courts and can have your document filed and delivered as quickly as possible while maintaining your privacy.

Document Retrieval:

An essential task that every legal courier should be trained to be able to do is retrieve a document. However, document retrieval could take a great amount of time to do, having to wait for the court to find the documents in the archives. Therefore, legal couriers should know precisely where to go for document retrieval and get all the required information to do so. At The Global Transport, our legal messengers are trained to handle document retrievals as quickly and securely as possible, giving our clients piece of mind that everything will be handled promptly and properly.

Court Staging of Record:

A regular service a legal courier can be expected to provide is court staging of records. An excellent legal courier should be able to pick up documents, boxes, exhibits, etc., from anywhere, including hotels, bring them to court and set up, and return them after court. Our legal couriers are experienced with court staging of records and ensure all documents will be picked up, transported, and dropped off, all in a secure and timely manner.

What is same day delivery, and how can it help?

What is same day delivery

According to Dictionary Cambridge, same day delivery is “used to describe a service that is provided on the same day that it is ordered.” This shipping model means that when a customer orders an item online or over the phone, it can be delivered to their doorstep within 24 hours of confirming their order. Of course, all things must be relative to the courier service you utilize, weather, traffic, and time of year. However, with a good and experienced courier like The Global Transport, there is no question that your package will arrive within 24 hours with our same day delivery service.

Same day delivery keeps its consumers happy as it lowers business inventory and shipping costs. The lower costs allow businesses to expand their customer outreach and margins allowing for new business opportunities and giving companies a competitive advantage over their competitors. The logistics of a same day delivery typically follow a simple 3 step process; order confirmation, processing, and delivery.

The process

The order confirmation process is when the payment from the customer is confirmed at checkout, and there are no fraudulent transactions. Once payment is processed and confirmed, a confirmation will be sent to the customer with tracking information and an alert to the courier with all shipping information. This will allow the customer to view the transportation in real-time and allow the courier to provide updates throughout the transportation process and have transparent communication. Should any delays occur, the customer can be contacted and updated immediately. The Global Transort have customer service representatives available 24/7, notifying you every step of the way with your delivery.

Once the order has been processed at the manufacturing warehouse or fulfillment/packaging facility, the item is securely packaged and labeled for shipment. At this time, a same day courier service will be awaiting the pickup of the package, and the time will depend upon the product’s size, the product, the packaging of the product, and the overall time it takes the seller to prepare the package for the courier. Once the item is in the delivery driver’s hands, it will be securely placed in the transport vehicle, and its tracking will be updated on the GPS system from here until its final destination.

Now That the courier has begun the transportation and delivery process, their GPS will constantly update the coordinates of the package to the customer and distributor. Should any unforeseen delays occur, the delivery driver can update the customer and distributor in real time and inform them of an alternate route and updated delivery time. Upon arrival, the delivery driver will complete the required delivery process of photo confirmation or signature of delivery to its correct location or recipient.

How same day delivery is changing the market

Incorporating the immediacy of a brick-and-mortar store with online retail has given same day delivery the potential to change how we shop. Since the rise of covid, we have seen many retailers and manufacturers starting operations on new pilots for same day delivery. Many of these operations include FedEx, UPS, or independent same day courier services like The Global Transport. Because of the value placed on same day delivery by consumers, the demand for it is expected to increase significantly on distributors to offer this shipping method and may strain their logistics department. Instead of attempting to hire hundreds of workers to make these same day deliveries, costing companies a fortune to have in the off-season, they may hire a same day delivery service.

In a recent study performed by The Global Transport customer service representatives in the United States, it was found that nearly 50% of respondents would be willing to pay for same day delivery of 8 – 9 USD for an item that was 65 USD. This survey shows that there is a clear correlation and attachment of value to a same day shipping service.

Due to this, it is evident that retailers will benefit from quicker delivery times as providing immediate product access gives consumers greater convenience and often lower prices than their brick-and-mortar retail competitors. All is not lost for the brick-and-mortar retailers as they can combine their existing physical business with an online retail store and offer the same, same day delivery services on a larger scale. With this diverse approach, brick-and-mortar retailers can earn back consumers focused on online shopping.

The levels of same day delivery

The first delivery model for same day delivery is an incumbent parcel logistic provider. This method of same day delivery shipping does not always end up same day as the delivery courier is a massive corporation such as FedEx, UPS, or USPS. This means that packages go through multiple stops or secondary warehouses before delivery. Due to this, many packages can get lost or damaged or be more time-consuming and arrive outside their 24-hour window for delivery.

The second and most cost-effective option for retailers is broker platforms. These platforms give retailers options for existing couriers and show their delivery capacity, allowing them to schedule instant shipping options. With The Global Transport services, retailers and manufacturers can choose between our delivery options, including same day, rush, and next flight out delivery services.

The third and final option for retailers is to complete same day delivery in-house. This may be the most costly option, as retailers must hire drivers and entire logistics teams to package, route, and maintain all deliveries. With the workforce shortages currently ongoing, The Wallstreet Journal states that “many fleets say they can’t hire enough drivers to meet booming consumer demand as the U.S. economy emerges from the pandemic.” Therefore this method may break the budget for most retailers.

With the onset of same day deliveries becoming the primary method for shipping, there are many opportunities available to retailers now to set themselves up for delivery success before it’s too late. Today’s retailers need to adapt to the upcoming transformation of our logistics industries or be left behind.

What are the benefits of same day delivery

Customer Relationship

Utilizing the fast shipping that same day delivery couriers offer can help companies and manufacturers build and maintain customer relationships. To build and maintain relationships with your customers, it is important to build and maintain the relationship in trust. With trust from your customers that your company is able to keep your promises and provide excellent customer service, consumers will continue to return. One way this is possible is by providing your customers with same day delivery services with Reliable couriers. Same day delivery gives customers the choice of receiving their orders the same day they ordered them. It typically gives distributors increased satisfaction and overall better reviews on their products and services.

Customer Gratification

While maintaining a healthy distributor-to-consumer relationship, it is important that the consumer is satisfied with their purchase and role in the relationship. Without consumer satisfaction, relationships can dwindle and drive productivity and sales down. A good way to maintain customer satisfaction is by utilizing a same day courier you can trust, like The Global Transport. They will maintain customer satisfaction by keeping deliveries on time and delivering when they say they will. Failing to do so or having extended delays and missing parcels can cause customers to opt for other retailers or manufacturers.

Shipping speeds drive conversion.

Retailers are always looking for new ways to get inventory off their shelves and get new customers. A good retailer knows that there is always room for improvement when it comes to business. An excellent way to improve your product conversion to customers and sales is by providing your product to the consumer as quickly as possible. The more of your product that is out there and the quicker your product is out there, the more customers you will maintain and gain. Worl will spread about the reliability of your products’ speedy delivery with The Global Transport, thus increasing retailers’ overall sales and revenue. With this, retailers may add their own additional fees for same day deliveries, thus covering other costs they may have while still enhancing their business.

Cut Cost of Inventory

Utilizing a same day delivery service means that the retailer or manufacturer can reduce the amount of reserve inventory or buffer stock, thus reducing the company’s overall capital expenditure. The Global Transport help your company lower inventory costs as the business will no longer need to run a detailed inventory structure with our thorough transportation process. Our couriers keep a detailed record of the chain of custody and deliver items straight from your business to the consumer, eliminating the need for large safety stock.

What happens if I choose the wrong same day delivery service

Over Charged

Like most companies that get into business for all the wrong reasons, a courier service that is not in it to help its clients but rather make the quickest dollar will overcharge you on every shipment. Another way you could be overcharged is that the same day delivery service is bad at planning logistics and services, costing you in the end. This is why hiring a same-day delivery service that is well-vetted and has years of experience with all types of industries is important.

The Global Transport have been in business for over 18 years and have become well-established in each of its communities. Our staff is trained and vetted in same day delivery services and can complete the logistics of a delivery in no time. The delivery drivers are here to help our clients succeed and want to help in any way they can because their success is our success.

Order forecasting

Unfortunately, for small businesses and retailers, it is hard to keep oversight on all of your products due to short staff or how quickly your turnaround needs to be in your order fulfillment process to meet demands. A bad same day delivery service will only offer the minimum. The couriers of an insufficient same day delivery service will help with no part of the process and simply drive the vehicle up to your facility.

At The Global Transport, we handle things differently. We offer our packaging services with our same day delivery services, helping you to keep up with the unforeseen high demands of your products. Our delivery drivers understand how important it is to complete the order fulfillment process and are here to help; we want to see our clients succeed in their industry and be there for them every step of the way.

Meeting deadlines

It is hard sometimes for even the most prominent retailers to keep up with the supply of demand. Because of Covid, labor shortages, and much more, it is getting harder and harder for businesses to keep up with production and keep their products on the shelf, promising same day delivery and being unable to meet their promises. A customer not receiving their order on time, even when they ordered with same day shipping, can damage your business’s reputation and reduce the livelihood of repeat customers.

Luckily there is a solution to this problem with The Global Transport. If you still want to meet your deadlines and keep your promise to your customers of a same day delivery, The Global Transport offer a rush delivery service. With our rush delivery service, our delivery drivers can get your product to your consumer within hours, keeping you within your same day delivery schedule.

Handling of Deliveries

Many delivery services that do same day delivery tend to be not so careful with picking up and transporting your goods. The delivery service may be more focused on how many deliveries they can make as quickly as possible to make the most profit for themselves. Because of this, your products may be mishandled, damaged, or even lost in transit if they take multiple shipments simultaneously. Having to replace these damaged or lost items and having shipping delays due to the multiple deliveries they may have with them will end up costing your company. Customers may also be unsatisfied with the delivery because of this and end up leaving your business a bad review.

What Types of same day deliveries are there

Depending on the same day delivery courier service you choose will vary in what same day delivery services offer. To know what services a courier provides, it is a good idea to research them first or call them. At The Global Transport, we offer a wide range of same day delivery services, including the following and more.

Same Day Delivery

Our same day delivery service is an all-encompassing service. The delivery drivers tasked with a same day delivery are responsible for ensuring your packages are picked up and secured in the vehicle, then quickly and safely transporting them directly to their destination. These steps will be completed within a 24-hour time frame with detailed documentation, a chain of custody, signatures at pick up and delivery if necessary, and GPS tracking enabled throughout the trip. The Global Transport delivery drivers do all this and more and are available to you 24/7, no matter your delivery needs. Each driver also has access to our wide range of delivery vehicles, from sedans and cargo vans to box trucks with lift gates, all capable of accommodating any of your delivery needs.

Rush Delivery

When delivery within 24 hours is not quick enough due to an important deadline, we offer rush delivery. We know some deadlines are tight, and mishaps happen, setting back your schedule or even items that are forgotten; that’s why our rush courier service can deliver your package as quickly as possible. Our delivery drivers will navigate the fastest route from pick up to drop off locations without any stops along the way and avoid any traffic there may be. The couriers will also use the quickest mode of transportation, whether by plane, car, train, or on foot, to ensure delivery within hours. Depending on the delivery distance, our rush delivery couriers can even get your package to you in under an hour.

Cargo Van & Freight Delivery

For larger packages, it may seem like same day cargo and freight delivery services are impossible to find. Still, with The Global Transport, you will never have to worry no matter where you are located in the United States. Our couriers have access to cargo vans and box trucks with lift gates capable of transporting up to 10,000 pounds and are readily available 24/7 for any palletized or irregularly shaped deliveries. Once your cargo or freight is loaded into our couriers’ vehicle, they will head directly to the delivery destination, ensuring your same day delivery time frame is met.

Hotel Delivery Service

Packing for an out-of-town trip and staying at a hotel can be stressful. On top of this stress, realizing that you need something before the event you are there for or just an item you need, but don’t know the area, can add to it. Sometimes these items can’t be delivered by popular services run on phone apps, and that’s when reliable couriers are here to help. Our couriers can pick up anything from specific foods, toiletries, and perfumes/ colognes to clothing from retailers or dry cleaners. All this and more can be picked up by our delivery drivers and brought directly to your room in 24 hours or less.

Perishable & Grocery Delivery

Unlike many perishable grocery delivery services, our couriers can guarantee your order’s freshness, quality, and quick delivery. Our couriers have temperature-controlled vehicles, keeping shelf foods at normal temperature, hot foods hot, and cold foods cold. Most delivery services are dropping off more than just your order of perishables or groceries, thus possibly damaging or losing some of your items along the way. With The Global Transport same day perishable and grocery delivery service, your order will be the only order with our delivery driver, ensuring a secure and fast delivery directly to you.

Airport Luggage Delivery

We specialize in delivering lost airport luggage on the same day because we know how important it is and how stressful it can be not to have the items you need when traveling somewhere or returning home. Missing luggage may take airport services days, maybe even a week, to deliver your lost luggage to you, but with The Global Transport, we have built relationships with all major airline companies to streamline the process of locating and retrieving your luggage for you. Because of this, we can locate, pick up and deliver your luggage to you within 24 hours or less, relieving you of any stress that goes into locating your lost luggage.


Some documents, letters, and parcels may not be ready to ship until much later in the day but still needs to arrive at their destination by morning. In this scenario, our couriers are able to pick up your item as soon as it is ready and get it transported to its destination by the next morning. Our couriers can pick up any package, drive through the night, and deliver it the next day, according to your schedule.

Long Distance Courier

While it may seem impossible to deliver a package over a long distance within 24 hours, The Global Transport can make it happen. Our delivery drivers work day and night to ensure your package arrives at your destination within its scheduled time frame. Depending upon the delivery distance, our team of couriers will utilize the quickest mode of transportation to deliver your package as fast as possible. These modes of transportation can include but are not limited to; planes, trains, cars, vans, trucks, bikes, or on foot. No matter how great the distance of your shipment, The Global Transport can meet all of your shipping needs.

Payroll Delivery

When it comes to an employee or vendor’s paycheck, ensuring it gets to them on time can be vital to the relationship. We understand that sometimes payroll can run late, but the vendor or employee is awaiting payment, and you want to maintain a good relationship with them; that is why we have same day delivery services for payroll and checks. Our delivery drivers know the importance of privacy and will not open any payroll documents or envelopes during transit. The couriers also know to ensure signatures are taken down at pick up and drop off so that the documents are in the right hands. The Global Transport ensure that all of your checks and payroll deliveries will reach their destination on time every time with our team of trained professionals.

Remote Office Pickup

For most businesses, one of the hardest things to do can be letting go of an employee, and even harder yet, a remote employee who possesses company tools and equipment. In these situations, things can get awkward when it comes to the return of equipment process; and that’s where The Global Transport can help. With our Remote office pickup service, we act as a third-party buffer. Our delivery drivers are trained for stressful situations and to maintain protocol for difficult pick-ups. Once at the remote employees’ location for pick up, our drivers will assist the employer by accounting for all tools and equipment and accounting for any damage, carefully boxing up and packaging the equipment, and delivering them safely back to the employer. Because these situations may sometimes be stressful or on not-so-good terms, it is important to have the remote office pick-up done as soon as possible. This is why The Global Transport offer same day delivery for our remote office pick-up service.

Trade Shows Delivery

Trade shows are a special niche when it comes to finding a same day delivery service that can cater to them; luckily, The Global Transport do. Preparing for a trade show can be very stressful to organize and even more stressful when shippers cancel or products are forgotten. Our delivery driver team can be dispatched as soon as you call and pick up anything from a flash drive to a pallet weighing up to 10,000 pounds. We understand how important it is for your company to represent themselves at trade shows properly, and that’s why Reliable couriers offer same day delivery services to trade shows.

Next Flight Out

Sometimes same day deliveries are needed from across the country and required as soon as possible. The Global Transport have the solution for you, whether your package needs to travel from New York to California or Florida to Maine. With our same day delivery option for next flight out, we can deliver your package as quickly as the flight and travel time. With this service, we also offer a hand to hand delivery which means your package will never leave our courier’s security, ensuring your package’s safety and privacy.

Print and Delivery

Printing services like Staples and CVS are sometimes able to complete your order on the same day, but when it comes to delivering the final product, they fall short. Depending upon where you live, it is nearly impossible to find a same day printing service, let alone one that also delivers. Recognizing a greater need for this service, The Global Transport can now cater to your print and delivery needs with same day delivery.

Legal Delivery

Filing with the clerk of courts and going through the process of document retrieval can take a lot of time out of someone’s day. Being able to stay on time with the court schedule and staging of records will also take up a lot of someone’s time. Our legal couriers can help and perform all of these needs with just one call. The legal messengers of The Global Transport can do staging of records, document retrieval, and filing with the clerk of courts, all within the same day. We understand the legal and justice system are on strict schedules, which is why our legal couriers treat every legal delivery with the utmost priority while maintaining its privacy and security.

Medical Delivery

A very delicate same day delivery service our couriers provide is medical deliveries. Our medical delivery drivers are trained professionals and are HIPAA certified to handle any STAT medical delivery you require. The medical couriers handle anything from specimen and sample deliveries to medical devices and equipment. With our fleet of vehicles, we can provide a temperate controlled environment for specimens, or a large box truck for medical equipment, pick them up and deliver them directly to their destination, all on the same day.

How does a courier Service Maintain Great Same Day Delivery:

There are a few ways for a courier company to maintain great same day delivery service. The courier service can focus on its staff, fleet, customer service, and cost. By maintaining the basics of their company, the same day delivery service may continue to perform at optimum levels.

Couriers/ Delivery Drivers:

For a same-day delivery service to maintain a successful business and relationship with its customers, it must first have great couriers on staff. Without the couriers making deliveries, there is no same day delivery service. This is why great same day delivery services like The Global Transport will invest in their delivery drivers. Every courier is properly certified and protocol trained to complete all regular and specialized deliveries. All of our couriers are also well equipped with a chain of custody and GPS tracking systems, as well as a large fleet of vehicles.

Vehicles/ Fleet:

Another key factor to maintaining great same day delivery services is to have a fleet of reliable vehicles. Having a fleet of vehicles that can perform and meet the needs of same day deliveries will help the delivery drivers and overall customer satisfaction. A good fleet will also consist of many different types of vehicles in order to accommodate all types of same day deliveries.

Customer Service:

A successful same day delivery service will maintain good standings with its customers by having good customer service policies in place. It is not just the delivery drivers who need to be customer service oriented but the rest of the team as well, including dispatchers, managers, human resources, and call center employees. Some of the policies in place may be to service with a smile, never raise your voice, and always try to find a solution to a customer’s problem.


A key component to maintaining great same deliveries is to ensure that they are cost-effective. The cost of a same day delivery should bear in mind the cost of doing the service and not want to overcharge customers for the services. The pricing should be enough to cover the costs of drivers’ labor, vehicle gas and maintenance, and other office staff while making the service affordable for clients and businesses.

Same-day delivery for large and bulky items: what you need to know

It is important to ship larger or bulkier items correctly with proper packaging and the right courier service to ensure your item gets delivered. If the packaging is incorrect, the large or bulky item may not get delivered to the right address or could be damaged during transportation. Here are some tips and tricks on what you need to know when shipping large and bulky items.

Use correct packaging:

When packaging large or bulky items, it is important that they are correctly packaged according to their size and weight. This also includes placing protective wrappings and cushioning around the item, especially if it is fragile, to prevent it from shifting in its box.

Here are a few tips, tricks, and steps to take on how to properly package your item before shipping with any courier or delivery service. This guide will help you to properly prepare your large or bulky item and walks you through the process of how The Global Transport properly handle and ship your package.

Pick a courier with experience:

When selecting the courier to deliver your large or bulky item, it is important that they have good drivers, reliable vehicles, Package insurance, and services that meet your needs. Below is everything The Global Transport have to offer and everything a good courier service should possess.


The delivery drivers of reliable couriers are local to the areas they work in so as to increase delivery speeds. Our couriers are also vetted with background checks and have all the required criteria prior to hiring. After hiring, the delivery drivers are put through certification classes for OSHA, HIPAA, and more and protocol training to handle all types of deliveries.


All vehicles should be properly maintained and regularly checked for maintenance to avoid any possibility of breaking down or further harming the integrity of the vehicle to properly and safely transport packages. Each vehicle is also properly equipped with GPS navigation systems to aid the local delivery drivers in rerouting and navigating around traffic, accidents, and road closures. Our vehicles also have any equipment necessary in helping aid our drivers and clients with the loading and unloading their deliveries, such as dollys and liftgates. Lastly, all vehicles have first aid kits and emergency equipment in case of an accident or flat tire during transport.


There are many ways to ensure the safety of your large or bulky package, including insurance. Insurance can come in many forms, such as purchasing coverage through a delivery company, packaging and photographing the item yourself, and choosing the right courier service. Here’s how professional couriers keep documents and packages safe during shipping.


There are many types of services couriers can render to many different industries. Here is a list of a few services The Global Transport provide and the industries they service.

  • Rush Delivery Services
  • 1-Hour Delivery Services
  • Overnight Delivery
  • Next flight out services
  • On board courier services
  • Long-Distance courier services
  • National Courier services
  • Cargo Van and Freight Delivery
  • Hotel and Airbnb Delivery
  • Airport Luggage Delivery
  • Medical Couriers
  • Legal Messengers
  • Remote office pickup and delivery
  • Print and Delivery
  • Trade Show Delivery
  • Perishable & Grocery Delivery
  • Payroll Delivery
  • Parts Delivery
  • Last Minute
  • Same Day Delivery

With The Global Transport same day delivery services, you get exactly what you ask for. on-time, professional, and acute deliveries every time. Speak with one of our dispatchers today for an obligation free quote or visit our website and complete an online quote request form.

What is the Difference Between a Courier, Carrier, and Post?

Carrier Delivery Service

What types of Carriers are there?

Common Carrier: Transports goods between companies or people and has a license from a regulatory authority, allowing them to work for multiple shippers in one day.

Contract Carrier: Provides transport services for only one shipper long term. This can include a single person with their own minivan or a large-scale company with trucks, boats, trains, and planes.

What they ship:

Carriers primarily only ship larger packages or quantities of packages as a whole. This means a typical delivery weight of over 100 pounds to one ton. Carriers can also ship some types of hazardous materials to special locations requiring specific clearances, such as USCIS or immigration.

How do they ship it?

Shipping is done by having multiple stops for pick up for deliveries from multiple locations of individuals and residences and multiple stops for drop off for different businesses and individuals. Shipping is usually completed using large trucks and box trucks.


The cost of shipping with a carrier is the cheapest option as the delivery drivers are not required to have any training or certifications for their deliveries. They are also able to plan routes for all pickups and deliveries, saving on mileage and gas.

Speed/ efficiency

Having multiple stops for pick up and delivery hinders those who are on a time crunch for a package. Having to send a package through a warehouse, sorting, and going between multiple locations and trucks can also add to the time delay of a pickup and delivery of a package.


Multiple packages being placed on a truck and transferred between multiple locations and delivery vehicles increases the risk of the package being lost or damaged during transport.

Post Delivery Service

What they ship:

Post delivery primarily only ships letters, documents, and small parcels. The weight is typically under 10 pounds or under specific size restrictions. There are also many restrictions on what can be shipped, such as amounts of fluid, type of substance, etc.

How do they ship it:

Typically, a post-delivery service will deliver in a small sedan, van, or postal truck. These vehicles are not typically equipped with GPS systems and rely on the driver’s personal device for route changes.


The shipping cost varies depending on when you are shipping an item, how large the item is, how much it weighs, and how fast you want it to arrive. The costs are all typically high since they are monopolized nationwide.

Speed/ efficiency

If you are looking for speed, the fastest a postal service offers is overnight, which has proven to be a one to two day service over time. The post-delivery service also offers 2-3 day shipping and is typically delivered later than promised. The growing trend of late deliveries has only persisted and gotten worse over the years.


Packages transported by postal services are typically handled by regular people with no prior experience or training and do not go through training or certification courses. During transportation, packages are also typically set in the vehicle and not secured and are prone to sliding around and having other deliveries damage them or get lost being jumbled together.

Courier Delivery Service

What types of couriers are there?

The types of courier services you may find will also vary depending on the company you hire for your package pickup and delivery. Here are some of the services you can expect to get from The Global Transport:

What we ship/ Types of deliveries:

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Trade show
  • Remote office pickup and delivery
  • Trade work
  • Print and delivery
  • Airport
  • Long-distance/ Nationwide delivery
  • Perishables/ Groceries
  • Residence/ Hotel/ Airbnb delivery

How we ship it/ Vehicles

We ship all of our deliveries in vehicles accommodable to the package, such as the size, shape, and weight, to ensure the package can fit properly and be secured accordingly to safety protocols. Some of the vehicles we utilize include

  • Scooters.
  • Bikes.
  • Sedans.
  • SUVs.
  • Vans.
  • Cargo Vans.
  • Box Trucks.
  • Dock Height Box Trucks.
  • Lift Gate equipped Box Trucks.

With our delivery drivers couriering directly from pick up to drop off, gas and mileage are halved, thus cutting the cost of vehicle mileage, maintenance, and gas in half and passing the savings to our clients.

Speed/ efficiency

With The Global Transport, our drivers are able to provide the quickest delivery services possible because of our dedicated and local delivery drivers’ knowledge of local traffic patterns, knowing congested areas to avoid, our GPS navigation systems, helping drivers to reroute areas with pop-up construction or accidents that have occurred, and direct deliveries only. With direct deliveries only, our couriers are dispatched directly to the pickup location, secure the package in their vehicle, and head straight to the drop off location. This means no time is wasted with any stops in between for other packages, fueling, etc.

Here are the delivery speeds we offer:

  • Rush
  • 1 hour
  • Overnight
  • Expedited
  • Next flight out
  • On-Demand
  • Same Day


At The Global Transport, your package is the only package on board, which means your package is our delivery driver’s only priority. Our driver will be with the package throughout the entire process, ensuring the package will not be lost or damaged as the courier will secure the package within the delivery vehicle themselves. All of the couriers on staff are also vetted before hiring and placed in training to ensure they are OSHA and HIPAA-certified and protocol trained to handle all types of deliveries we offer.

When it comes to choosing between postal, carrier, and courier delivery services, it is best to choose which best suits your needs. Call or go online to find out how The Global Transport same day delivery services can cater to and meet your same day delivery needs.